The ritual surrounding cakes dates back hundreds of years and many of us have our own special memory of that moment when a cake became the symbol to something so very important. In today’s kitchen we see the most elaborate of cakes, through to the most obscure and opulent, each representing a special moment, but in a world bursting with innovation and creation there has been a real lack in a modern approach to cake design, until now. With a background in design across multiple creative fields Stacy Brewer is utilizing her experience to push cakes into a fresh, and irresistible, new world.

A cake often represents a monumental occasion and is key inspiration in a Stacy Brewer cake. When describing her inspiration Stacy sums it up perfectly, “I love to interact with people, learn what they love and turn their vision into a cake that symbolizes who they are, creating a very tangible essence in both style and flavor”. The reward for Stacy and her clients is taking a dream and seeing the reaction and delight during the reveal and taste experience.

Creative influences can spawn from many places for Stacy this quite often will start with 5am visits to the flower markets, where beautiful florals and blooms inspire the colour pallet and theme of her cakes. When building out textures Stacy draws on the unique formation of color and shape on oil-painted canvas art, where the image can change as the light reflects and you observe from different angles. The culmination of this creative process brings to life bold colours and soft blushes, rustic swirls and caramel drips and when combined with fresh flavours such as textured coconut, fresh lychee and raspberries the combination is something quite bold and breathtaking.